About IrisZorg

IrisZorg offers programs for housing, jobs and treatment of (drug) addicts. Continuously invests in prevention and research. Is a recognized organisation for rehabilitation of addicts in the district of Arnhem.


  • Target group: young persons, adults and families
  • Zone of activities: the Province of Gelderland, parts of Overijssel and Flevoland
  • Clients: 13.500 yearly
  • Proceeds: €96 million (2011)
  • Employees: 1.650

Work area

  • IrisZorg has 93 facilities (60 locations in 19 municipalities)

Overview of activities

  • Prevention
  • Day-care, night-care and evening-care facilities, and crisis centres
  • Various kinds of assisted-living projects
  • Outreaching care (e.g. fieldwork and (pro-) active approaches by multidisciplinary teams)
  • Job and activity programs
  • Treatment of addicts in both out-patient and clinical settings
  • Rehabilitation

What does IrisZorg stand for?

  • Perspective for clients, employees and society
Key values:
  • Transparency, Commitment and Professionalism

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